Where To Spend Fall In The USA

Fall is one of the best times to go traveling in the USA. The temperatures are cooling down, kids are heading back to school, so places are a little less crowded and the world is turning incredible shades of orange, red and gold. As the leaves start to fall off the trees, things take on a quiet atmosphere and in some beautiful corners of the country, it’s like everything just slows down.

To make the most of this exceptional time of year, here are some must-visit spots across the USA:

Small Towns In New York State

The state of New York is one of the best places to experience fall. The season shifts so dramatically in this area and the foliage is truly brilliant. Spots like Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown are brilliant because they are far enough away from the Big Apple to be quiet and idyllic but not so far that you are completely isolated.

Each little town in the area has its own history and is full of country charm. If you head here around Halloween time, you’ll also get to enjoy the jack-o-lanterns in full flight and take some spooky tours through haunted houses.

Yellowstone National Park

Year-round, this national park is a wonder of natural beauty and should be visited anyway. The great thing about going in the fall is that the place is usually a lot quieter because the crowds of summer tourists have gone home. Another advantage of this time of year is that the animals are incredibly active as they prepare for the winter colds. Visitors often spot bears, elk and eagles as they travel through Yellowstone. The park is vast, with plenty of places to explore by car and on foot.

The Kentucky Triangle

Paducah, Bowling Green and Paducah are three great cities in the south that are perfect places to visit in the fall. They come alive at this time of year, with festivals, markets and other events filling up the calendar. Visitors can experience the true hospitality of the south, while enjoying much cooler weather and fewer tourists. Many find the heat of summer too stifling in the south, would probably enjoy the gentler nature of the fall. The Kentucky Triangle also has something for everyone – rich art and culture, amazing national parks, great food and, of course, bourbon.

Salt Lake City

Utah isn’t traditionally known as a great spot to visit in the fall, but that reputation should really change. With the Utah State Fair in September and Oktoberfest running from October into November, there is a lot to do here this time of year. Temperatures do drop quite significantly as the season progresses and skiing could even be on the cards for the end of October. However, you still get the exceptional and brilliant change of colors in the foliage throughout the fall here. The old buildings look like something out of a postcard as the trees change color and the world slows down.

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