The Most Spectacular Waterfalls from Oregon to California

From Oregon to California there are numerous waterfalls along the way. Each one is the perfect opportunity to stop, take a breath and enjoy natures gifts.

The beautiful settings or the sheer power of the rushing water. Here is a list of waterfalls, each unique in their setting and each worth a visit.


Multnomah Falls, Oregon

This breath-taking fall drops a magnificent 611 feet. Lore has it that Multnomah Falls was created as a secluded place for a princess to bathe.

This waterfall flows all year round and is an easy stroll from the parking area to the viewing point. Multnomah has two tiers that drop into a crystal-clear pool below.

Latourell Falls

Starting at the falls trailhead a 2.1 Mile circular hike will take you to the upper falls. Latourell falls does not tumble down the rock face but rather runs straight off the cliffs edge.

Set in lush surroundings this is a great stop, especially if you want to avoid the more crowded viewing deck at Multnomah.

Watson Falls

The third highest waterfall in Oregon, Watson falls stands 272 feet high. The falls run off the cliff down an amphitheatre.

There are several viewpoints along the walk to the falls where you can view the main fall and the mossy cascades below.

A photographers dream for those misty water shots, ad if you have your mobile with you, you can still place a sneaky wager on the game using one of the many available betting apps.


Alamere Falls

Alamere falls makes a 40 ft. drop into the ocean. The trail to the falls is popular, so it is best to get there early.

The surrounding landscape is open cliff faces that stand in stark contrast when compared to the lush green waterfalls further north.

The main Alamere falls is preceded by three cascades all fed by the Alamere creek.

Yosemite Falls

Situated in the well-known Yosemite park the upper fall drops an amazing 1430 ft., the middle cascades 675 ft. and the lower fall 320 ft.

That’s a total drop of 2425 ft.! Late spring is the best time to visit to see this fall at its most thunderous.

Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls

Listed together these falls can be viewed on the same walk.

Located below Liberty Cap this Nevada waterfall has a bent drop. After the direct fall from the top, the water crashes onto a rock face about a third of the way down creating a wide spreading mist.

The hike down to Vernal will take you past the Emerald Pool, which forms between the two falls. Named for its colour this pool is a favourite stop.


This fall is picture perfect and you will be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled onto a piece of paradise. A short hike to the cliffs edge, McWay waterfall drops onto a small secluded cove.

The falls used to drop directly into the sea, but sand deposits have created the small beach below it. The falls now only touch the ocean during the higher tides.

With so many to choose from, one can be excused for not visiting them all. So, pack your tents, grab some friends and enjoy the watery scenery of the USA.

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