Things to do in Las Vegas Other Than Casino Hopping

We all know that the national sport of Vegas is gambling, and so it should be. With a selection of casinos from seedy to salubrious, there is one to suit every taste and bank roll. But, there is much more to do in Sin City.

The Mob Museum

Located in the restored 1933 courthouse the Mob Museum will take you on a journey through Mob history and organise crime.

The museum holds exhibits on some of histories most notorious crime bosses like Al Capone, Bugsey Siegal and Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal.

Vegas Distillery

The Vegas distillery offers tours, tastings, bottling and barrelling. If you are a whiskey fan this is one not to miss, and even if you aren’t, you can still enjoy a tour of the first distillery to open in the state since the end of prohibition in 1933.

The distillery is a family owned ‘grain to bottle’ distillery and the two stils, The Las Vegas Copper Angels beat and steam their ambrosia right in front of their fans eyes.

Pee on The Berlin Wall

That’s right. At the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino, men can have a whizz against a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Located in the restroom with urinals attached to it, this piece of history gets peed on daily. In truth the wall is protected by a glass covering, but taking a wizz against the wall is still symbolic of our feelings about the structure.

Another Wall

The real massacre wall of St Valentines. Another piece of the mob’s sordid history, this is the wall where seven members of Morang’s gang where lined up, and shot by members of Al Capones gang.

During the prohibition era, where real mob power was held by the gang that controlled the flow of illegal liquor, the massacre came at a time where Morang and Capone were vying for overlapping districts in the bootlegging trade.

A Chunk of Gold

A bit more than a chunk, the nugget of gold weighing in at 874ozt is named the Hand of Faith nugget. It is on display in the aptly named Golden Nugget casino and is estimated to be worth $1 million.

You can view it through its glass case and imagine what it would be like to have those riches.

Until then, you can try your hand at sports betting NZ, you may make your fortune on a lucky bet.

Another Museum

A celebration of all things erotic, the Erotic Heritage Museum is 24 000 square feet of floor space, dedicated to the exhibit of, and education about erotica.

Its aim is to distinguish between porn and art within the world of erotica, and has some very interesting displays and artefacts.

Visit an Outdoor Art Gallery

Okay not so much a gallery as a collection of amazing street art. Downtown Las Vegas is the place to stroll through and view some of the most memorable street art.

It all started a few years back with the Life Is Beautiful festival in 2013, when a team of muralists started decking out the walls of LV with their impressive street graffiti.

Every year more is added, covering entire sides of buildings, so it’s like walking through a giant’s art gallery.

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