Tips For Road Tripping Through The USA

America is a massive country with countless attractions in small towns scattered all over the map. There are many stunning countries in the world, but there are few others that will give you the diversity and mix on a road trip quite like America will.

There are a host of fantastic routes to be taken, each with their own attractions and interesting features. Going to the sun road, Route 66, Hana Highway and many more await you for some of the best road trips you will ever have. If you are new to longer form road trips, there are a few tips you should know to make the best of your time on the road.

Plan Ahead

Planning may often seem like an afterthought on a road trip, and sometimes it can be. Going where the road takes you can be a great experience when you are travelling through towns with a lot of accommodation available.

When travelling through smaller towns, accommodation may not be as freely available as one would hope. Be sure to book accommodation in advance, even if it is for camping grounds. Food can always be left for an adventure; accommodation should never be left to do on the road. Fortunately, with services like Airbnb, and HomeToGo, accommodation can be much more affordable than hotels, these services are best used in larger cities though, as many rural towns don’t make use of private accommodation.

Give Yourself Time

Time is the most important asset at your disposal on any nature of road trip. There are a lot of interests and attractions in smaller towns that are hardly ever mentioned on guides or maps. Places like diners, restaurants and pubs are great to talk to locals and learn more about the area you are in.

To make the best of wherever you plan to be, give yourself enough time to enjoy the area and don’t try to cover too much distance in a day. 200 miles should be the furthest travel distance set out for each day, as road tripping is more about the places you see along the way, not how fast you can get there.


A good rule of thumb when road tripping is to calculate how much you will need for the trip and double that amount. It may sound like a lot of money like the kind you can win at, but you don’t need to use it all. The best part about going on a road trip in a new place is finding the smaller attractions, fantastic meals and interesting places, all things which often overlooked when doing the budgeting.

Having a decent budget available will not only make your life on the road less stressful, but also safer. Things like breakdowns do happen, and typically at inopportune times. Most small towns will have people who will gladly assist with any problems you will have, providing they receive payment for their services. The last thing you would want is a broken-down car in a strange place without a way to pay for a repair.

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