The USA’s Very Best Mountain Ranges

The United States can easily boast some of the best scenery in the world. From massive park reserves, incredible forests, and unique beaches, it’s a veritable paradise for those with a deep love of the natural world. Mountain ranges are another point to the States, which can lay claim to a wide range of breathtaking ranges that span across much of the country.

There are few things better than going out and hiking up to the top of a mountain to see the surrounding forests and lakes, and with that in mind, these are the best mountain ranges that can be found throughout the United States.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains

A smaller part of the world famous Appachalian mountain range, the Great Smoky Range have themselves earned a reputation thanks to the fog that almost constantly swirlds around their peaks. Found in the Great Smoky National Park, which itself is located in both Tennessee and North Carolina, these mountains are truly a sight to behold.

  1. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains, often called The Rockies, consist of over 1000km of North America, starting from the Canadian province of British Columbia, and stretching all the way down to New MExico. Rocky Mountain National Park is the best place to view the range in all its splendor, where visitors are urged to see it during the warmer summer months when the wildflowers are in full bloom across the landscape, a truly unique experience.

  1. Sierra Nevada Range

This one-of-a-kind range can actually be found running through three separate National Parks, which includes the Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, as well as Sequoia National Park. Each one offers a different take on the range, with variating ecologies, fauna and flora. It’s the ultimate way to get a taste of the sheer variety of ecosystems that can be found within the United States, and makes it all the more appealing to travel as much of the country as possible, while stopping occasionally to enjoy online bingo Malaysia games.

  1. Olympic Mountains

As part of the Olympic Peninsula, located in the beautiful state of Washington, these mountains are set within the Olympic National Park. Not only does it contain scenic mountain ranges, but visitors to the park can also see the coastline as well as a unique rainforest. It’s a favourite for hikers that want to disappear into the natural world for a few days at a time, with an almost limitless amount to see and do.

  1. The Cascade Range

As one of the largest ranges in the US, the Cascade Range reaches across four separate states, and even as far as Canada. Not only does it offer snow-capped peaks, but also volcanoes, one of which includes Mount Saint Helens, which is one of the few active stratovolcanoes in the region, having last erupted over a decade ago. It’s a picturesque area with endless hiking trails and abundant wildlife.

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