The USA’s Very Best Beach Spots

From massive, sprawling forests, incredible mountain ranges, and some of the most pristine national parks in the world, the USA already has a lifetime’s worth of things to do and see; but it also boasts plenty of beautiful beaches along its huge coastline.

If you’re looking to pack up the family and take them for an all-day adventure on the beach, then these are some of the best choices available throughout the country.

  1. Baker Beach

San Francisco is a city packed with activities, but not many know that it’s also home to one of the best beaches in America: Baker Beach. While the city isn’t well known for having the best weather around, when the sun does come out for a day, it’s worth rushing off first thing in the morning and finding a spot somewhere on the sand. The best part about the beach, however, is the incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which overlooks the surrounding area.

  1. Mid-Beach

There’s no doubting that the city of Miami is the ultimate spot for coast-lovers, but it can also be quite difficult to find a decent spot on the many beaches around the area. Instead, you might want to check out Mid-Beach, which can be found between South Beach and Bal Harbour. It’s a beautiful piece of coast that’s generally much quieter than other Miami beaches, meaning that you can skip the tourists and spend some quality time with friends and family.

  1. Sand Harbour

While technically Sand Harbour – found in Nevada – isn’t on the coast, it’s large, sandy, and beautiful enough to be just as good as any ocean beach. The waters are crystal clear, the mountains are second-to-none, and it’s a paradise if you love to scuba drive or swim.

  1. Goose Rocks Beach

Located in the state of Maine and not far from the small town of Kennebunkport, Goose Rocks Beach is a truly family-friendly adventure that will entertain kids for hours. Collecting seashells from along the coast or taking a boat out on to the still waters, Goose Rocks has long been known for its serene and welcoming vibe that everyone is sure to enjoy.

  1. Cannon Beach

Driving along the coast of Oregon, you may just encounter Cannon Beach, which is just off of the Pacific Coast Highway. It’s a stunning beach that offers countless scenic picnic spots, many of which offer a view of the famous Haystack Rock, a gigantic rock that sticks out of the water just off of the coast. Not far from the beach you will encounter tide pools and waterfalls, which are perfect for taking a cool dip in after a long, hot day.

  1. Waipio Valley Beach

Hawaii has some of the greatest beaches on the planet, and Waipio Valley might just be the best of them all. Taking a small hike through the hills to get there may seem like a drag at first, but the short walk is worth it once you break out onto the beach and take in the magnificent scenery. Surrounded completely by rainforest combined with steep cliffs, this is slice of Eden right here on earth.

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