The Coolest Abandoned Locations to Visit On a Road Trip

All across America are abandoned buildings that deserve to be explored. Whether they are the creepier mental institutions that have long been devoid of inmates, the crumbling theatres of yesteryear, or the high rise buildings that time forgot, there are some awesome spaces that have simply been left to decay- and driving around the country checking them out is heaps of fun!

If you’ve been bitten by the urbex bug, then these locations deserve the drive!

Orpheum Theatre — New Bedford, Massachusetts

This theatre opened in 1912 and its soaring ceilings and ornate mouldings are still somewhat intact, even if the rest of it has been left to ruin.

Built in the Beaux Arts style, it has remained empty for more than a decade, and now, a team of people have banded together and are hoping to restore it to its former glory. In the meantime, its faded glory is well worth a peak.

Ohio State Reformatory — Mansfield, Ohio

A prison for delinquent juvenile offenders for almost a century, if the walls of this building could talk, they would speak volumes!

The institution was closed in 1990 due to the inhumane conditions that inmates found themselves in, and for years stories of ill treatment, murder and kidnapping have abounded You can now take a tour of the former reformatory, but remember, it is considered one of the most haunted places in America, and its not for the faint hearted!

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Hudson River State Hospital —Poughkeepsie, New York

Once a rather stately and imposing psychiatric hospital, the corridors of this establishment are no longer filled with patients in straight jackets on their way for lobotomies!

Designed by the same architects who masterminded Central Park, this enormous building was once considered very progressive and is now considered an iconic landmark, even though it has fallen into a state of disrepair.

Grossinger’s Catskills Resort — Liberty, New York

Thought to be the inspiration for the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing, the once-glamorous Catskills Resort has now gone to seed.

It was shuttered permanently in 1986 and although the owner hopes to restore it one day, it is now overrun with weeds, the once dazzling pool is empty and the ballroom is filled with decaying wood, dust and graffiti.

Six Flags Theme Park — New Orleans, Louisiana

Possibly one of the most popular urbex locations, Six Flags was destroyed after Hurricane Katarina swept through, and the abandoned rollercoasters and fairground is rather eerie, but fun to explore.

Murphy Ranch Nazi Camp — Santa Monica, California

It may look like a few crumbling buildings now, but this compound was once the home of Nazi sympathizers.

The property is one of the few in the USA that remain standing, and as it was abandoned in 1941 it has deteriorated greatly.

In the 1960’s the site enjoyed a brief revival as a camp for artists, but its dark past came back to haunt it, and it has been abandoned ever since.

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