The Best Deserts In North America

For anyone searching for a vacation spot, some of the first ideas that tend to come to mind are images of gorgeous beaches or a quiet cabin in the woods. For some others, however, the tranquillity and silence of a desert is one of the most appealing notions, especially for a person that has been trapped in a restless and loud city for months on end.

And while many might view deserts as barren, lifeless places, many of them are actually quite beautiful, offering  some of the greatest views of the night sky in the world. From the white sands of New Mexico to the extreme heats of Death Valley, these are the deserts around the United States that are not worth missing.

White Sands National Park

Found in the state of New Mexico, the White Sands National Park is truly unique thanks to the snow-like appearance of its deserts, which combined make up the world’s very largest gypsum dune field. Photos don’t do the desert justice, and many attest to the desert’s incredible beauty, especially during nights where there is a lot of moonlight available. The sands are so white, in fact, that’s easy to misconstrue them as snow, but visitors will quickly be reminded that they are in a desert thanks to the wide variety of animals and plants that can be found throughout.

Chihuahuan Desert

Further south of White Sands is he Chihuahuan Desert, which sits on the border of the United States and Mexico. Covering a massive land area of 362 million hectares, this is one of the largest deserts in the world, and encompasses much of the Big Bend National Park. The area is known for its versatility, ranging from flat, open dunes, to large and sprawling mountains, and covering huge changes in elevation. And despite it being technically an arid desert, it consists of a huge range of different fauna and flora, and also making it a great place to relax with some quiet time, reading a book, playing games, and more.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is a region that’s aimed at only the more experienced outdoorsman, and for good reason. Death Valley National Park holds the world record for having the hottest temperatures ever recorded on planet earth, a record that it broke just recently thanks to a record temperature of over 54 degrees !!br0ken!! This is a desert that is not for the faint of heart, and only those that come prepared are able to successfully navigate the national park. In fact, visitors are not allowed to enter and explore Death Valley without first preparing their vehicles for the extreme heat, which can even melt tyres.

Mojave Desert

As probably the most well known desert in the United States, the Mojave Desert is definitely not one to miss. It’s officially the driest area in the entire country, receiving around 2 inches of rainfall every single year, among the lowest in the world. One of the attractions worth seeing while in the Mojave Desert is the Joshua Tree, a tree that’s known as an indicator species as it provides life to around 2000 different species, who would not be able to exist without it.

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