The Best Cemeteries The USA Has To Offer

For most travellers to the USA, seeing the Grand Canyon, New York City, or Las Vegas tends to be the most popular way to spend their time. For many others, visiting the nation’s incredible and unique cemeteries is just as enjoyable. The USA is home to some of the very best cemeteries in the world, making a paradise for those travellers that are more interested in the macabre.

Georgia – Bonaventure in Savannah

Found along the Wilmington River, this cemetery is one of the most famous in the world. It was first constructed in 1846, and was originally known as the Evergreen Cemetery, which was privately owned at the time. Today, visitors are able to take a guided tour through the 100-acre property, where they can learn about the history of the cemetery, along with many of the graves that can be found. It’s such a popular tourist spot that there is even a smartphone app that allows visitors to tour the cemetery on their own.

Virginia – Arlington National Cemetery

Virginia is well known for its gorgeous, thick forests, and the state has a fascinating history. This extends to the Arlington National Cemetery, which includes the famous resting place of the unidentified soldier from World War 1, known as the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. It’s possible to watch the guard ritual, where the guards watching over the tomb will change over, which happens once an hour. Along with this, the cemetery offers up to 624 acres of land to explore, and is home to some of the greatest soldiers in the history of the country. It’s one of the best places to learn about US war history, which can be done through the guided tours that are offered by the local groundskeepers, although visitors are also able to tour the grounds on their own.

Massachusetts – Mount Auburn Cemetery

As one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States – originating in 1831 – The Mount Auburn Cemetery is much smaller than many of the others, but is still undoubtedly worth seeing due to its rural aesthetic. Nestled in 72 acres of mature forest, the cemetery was first purchased by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, who has spent almost 200 years turning the area into something of a small paradise. It’s not unusual to see wildlife in the cemetery, which also opens up into a few, beautiful trails, and allows visitors to sit and enjoy nature or play slots in the surrounding silence like many players in the Philippines trying out here.

Pennsylvania – Laurel Hill Cemetery

While known for a number of reasons, the legendary Witness Tree is reason enough to visit this amazing graveyard. It’s famous status is attributed to the presidents and generals from the Civil War that took shelter in the area, which includes Ulysses S. Grant. Along with the attractions, it’s also possible to go on the Famous Fights and Feuds tour offered by the cemetery, where visitors will be given the chance to learn about the affairs, murders, and other engagements that have taken place in the area over the last 200 years.

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