Secret New York Activities for the Shoe String Traveller

Welcome to the Big Apple. Ambitious, busy and full of energy, New York is not a city to be missed. It can get quite pricey with all those cheese steaks and hot clubs. Your trip to Gotham doesn’t have to require you selling an organ. Here are some local secrets to enjoy for free, almost.

City Hall Train Station

This beautifully finished, abandoned train station opened in 1904. For those of us used to the grey boring stations it is a must visit. Vaulted ceilings, skylights and even chandeliers are complimented by detailed glass tile work. To view the station, you will need to take the downtown 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge station. But don’t disembark, sit tight and check out betting sites in Australia while you enjoy the view as the train loops around, passing through the station to begin its journey back.

The Whispering Gallery

Situated in Grand Central Station, outside the Oyster Bar, there is an archway which is said to possess a special property. You can stand at the arch and whisper, and the person standing across from you will be able to hear you. Fascinating, but keep in mind you will be speaking to a wall.

Chelsea Gallery Nights

Thursday are gallery nights in Chelsea. Chelsea is littered with art galleries with some buildings housing multiple galleries per floor. Entrance is free, so get dressed up and enjoy a good old gallery hop and loads of free wine.

Jazz in Harlem @ Marjorie Elliots

Marjorie Eliot has been performing parlour jazz in her home, an apartment in Harlem, for over 20 years. Marjorie opens her door to strangers every Sunday to stage her performance, played to honour her late son. Her show is completely free, although donations are welcome. Look forward to an afternoon of jazz, poetry and gospel.

Grays Papaya Special

The best quality hot dogs and fresh fruit juice in New York. Grays Papaya is an institution. For many years there was only one location left of this well-loved franchise, but they have recently opened a second location. They are still serving their Recession special which is two hotdogs and a drink for only $5.

Live TV Show Taping

That’s right, you can go and see some of your favourite shows being recorded for absolutely zero dollars. Some of the more popular ones include The Daily Show and The Tonight Show, or you could watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and give your opinions when they ‘ask the audience’.

See the Statue of Liberty by Ferry

I know, I know. The Statue of Liberty tours are pricey, but the Staten Island Ferry is free. For beautiful views of the Manhattan sky line a ferry ride is a must, plus she floats right on by lady liberty.

Open Air Movies

Every year Bryant Park holds their Summer Film Festival. Each classic movie they screen is preceded by a good old Warner Brother cartoon. Street food is available for purchase, as are blankets in case you forget yours. Cost? $0

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