Reasons to Fall in Love with New York

The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The Empire State. The centre of the universe. All references to one of the greatest and most magical cities in the world: New York City. The reasons for loving the Big Apple are too many to count and so we’ve tried to narrow it down to just a few. With the emphasis being on “tried”.

Here are our top reasons for loving NYC.

Pianos, Pianos, Everywhere

New York is where it all started for many entertainers. The music literally lives and breathes in New York City. At a single West Village intersection, there are no fewer than 3 piano bars. Old-timey piano bars that feature various pianists and encourage folks to sing along to the music. Three must-sees: The Duplex Piano Bar and Cabaret Theatre, Marie’s Crisis Café and The Monster.

The NYC Skyline

The New York skyline may very well be the most recognised of all, you’ll instantly recognise it. Regardless of where you make your home anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll know the NYC skyline when you see it. So magnificent is New York’s skyline that the city is home to a museum dedicated exclusively to the vertical wonder.

Free Books

Little reading rooms. You can literally pick up free books just about anywhere in the city. Whether you’re visiting Bryant Park or Times Square, you’re bound to stumble upon a selection of books free for the taking.

And whilst on the topic of books, New York is also the home of a true Indie-resurgence. There are Indie bookstores on every which corner and more are opening doors on a near-weekly basis. There’s no excuse for not reading a good book every once in a while when living in NYC.

The Black-Owned Business Boom

Very exciting indeed is the fact that New York City is witnessing nothing short of a black-owned small business revolution. And best of all is that its being documented for the keep. Instagram profile “Black-Owned Business Brooklyn”, “a love letter to Brooklyn’s people, places and products”, is documenting local black success, creativity and innovation.

Founders Cynthia Gordy Giwa and Glenn Alan make it their business to each week pay a visit to a pair of black-owned local ventures. These include everything from ice-cream shops to fitness pits. Giwa and Alan travel from location to location; business to business; documenting everything and everyone they encounter and then proceed to chronicle the stories; made all the more insightful by some pretty stunning photographs; on social media.

The Subway

Wait, what? What’s so amazing about a subway, you may ask. Riding the subway during peak travel hours is just about the best way ever to get a real idea of and appreciation for the NYC demographic. It’s quite astounding to think that at least 6 million riders surf the New York City subway each and every day of the week.

The subway is both practical as well as exceptionally fascinating to urban explorers eager to get behind the stories of abandoned stations and mysterious passageways.

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