The Top Long-Distance Hikes In The USA

There’s nothing quite like getting out into the fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature. The best way to do this is on a multi-day hike, where it’s just you and your backpack.

In the current climate, with being indoors and in big groups being a big no-no, hiking holidays have become even more popular recently.

When planning your trip, it is important to see what is currently open and if you can get accommodation along the way. Some National Parks aren’t fully open for camping either at the moment.

Let’s take a look at some of the best trails around the USA:

1. The Long Trail

Nothing beats the wilderness of Vermont, especially in the fall, especially if you’re out in the wild and enjoying some true solitude. You can get exactly this when you take on the Long Trail, 272 miles of it. The trail runs along the Massachusetts state line, all the way to the Canadian border. This is actually the oldest of all the long-distance trails in the USA. It was created in 1930 by the Green Mountain Club.

Along the trail, you’ll find rudimentary shelters that have been set up and maintained by the trail’s creators. These are spaced roughly a day’s walk from each other and are quite basic in the accommodation that they offer. If you plan to do the entire trail, it usually takes around a month to complete.

2. The Ozark Highlands Trail

The Ozark mountains are so often ignored in favor of the Rockies and the Appalachians when it comes to hiking. This trail gives you 218 miles of incredible mountains and amazing views. That might not be as long as the other, more famous trails, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

You’ll also find that often the hiking is a lot quieter than on the other trails because the region is often ignored or forgotten about.

There is no set accommodation for the length of the trail, so you will have to be comfortable with roughing it on some nights. For most of the trail, however, you should be able to plan it so that you can camp in State Park campgrounds.

3. The Superior Hiking Trail

The name might suggest that this is the best long-distance trail in the entire country, but really it gets its name from the fact that you are hiking around Lake Superior in Minnesota. The trail takes you along 296 miles of mountainous ridges that surround the north-west shore of the lake, taking you all the way up to the Canadian border at the end.

This one is popular with both serious, multi-day hikers and those who are looking for day adventures. This is because you can access trailheads every five to ten miles along the way.

There are also over 90 campgrounds along the way, giving you plenty of options for overnight stays and time to play the Bingo Australia offers online. These campgrounds are spaced about half day apart, so you can go as slowly or as quickly as you want along the trail.

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