Natural Hidden Gems In North America

The United States is worth visiting for a great many reasons. From the massive, world-famous cities to the unique monuments that pepper the country, there’s always something to keep travellers engrossed for years at a time.

But many visitors have seen and experienced most of what America has to offer, and for those, finding the hidden gems of the country is the ultimate prize.

These are natural and man-made parks, towns, and natural phenomena that are never mentioned in brochure pamphlets or by tour-guides, but are just as incredible to visit as the famous cities and landmarks.

These virtually undiscovered parklands and paradises are what make the country such a delight to visit, and a good reason to stop playing NZD online casinos for a day to explore.

5. Estes Park – Colorado

Hidden in the mountains and surrounded by natural forest, Estes Park is of North American’s most picturesque towns, and a far cry from the bustling city streets of New York City of Los Angeles. Here, visitors can find peace, natural beauty, and plenty of wildlife skirting the town.

The Victorian buildings and the scenic mountains in the background make Estes Park a little slice of hidden paradise that is worth visiting at least once.

4. Damascus – Virginia

This aimed toward those that love to hike or cycle, and remains as the penultimate destination for the outdoor lover.

With some of the best hiking trails that the country has to offer, Damascus is home to the Appalachian Trail, one of the biggest and most memorable hiking trails in the world.

Not only that, but your travels through Damascus will reveal a handful of beautiful farms and estates that occupy their own little slice of hiking heaven.

3. Hammondsport – New York

Set deep in the natural forests of New York State, Hammondsport is guaranteed to be something you’ve never seen before. Hammondsport is just like any other pristine little North American city that you’re likely to come across, apart from one reason: the art.

The town prides itself on its restoration of vintage seaplanes, art houses, and a general sense of creativity no matter which corner of the town you visit.

2. Valley of Fire

Set about an hour from Las Vegas, this state park is a different breed of tourists destination compared to the many other forested and lush parks dotted around the country.

Here, instead of forests, you can expect to find sprawling swathes of arid but beautiful untouched desert, with incredible natural formations and some of the best stargazing that the world has to offer.

The temperatures can get quite high, and everyone visiting the park needs to be prepared, but it’s a truly unique experience.

1. Jekyll Island – Georgia

One hundred years ago, Jekyll Island was a destination reserved for the wealthier walks of life. This was the vacation spot for some of America’s jet setters.

Times have changed, however, and the resort is now open to just about everyone, and offers a plethora of various activities to keep you occupied throughout the year.

From golf courses, festivals, and endless accommodation options, Jekyll Hide is recommended for those looking for a little peace and quiet.

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