Five of the Most Haunted Places in the United States

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and spirits the places they are said to haunt can give even the bravest soul a case of the heebie jeebies. Many people believe that spirits cannot move on if they have unfinished business, and that business may be turning you the non-believers, hair white. Here are four of the most haunted places in America.

Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia, 

Opened in 1829, Eastern State Pen is believed to be one of the most haunted places in America. The prison was designed to hold its occupants in solitary confinement for the duration of their sentence. Even during work detail prisoners where put into heavy masks to stop them from being able to communicate with one another. Many committed suicide, were starved to death or were murdered. The ghosts of prisoners past still haunt the ground and there have been many recorded sightings.

Today you can take a break from best NBA bets and visit the prison for daily tours and view Al Capone’s cell, the famous prisoner. Or, you can attend the annual Terror Behind the Walls of Eastern State Penitentiary, the most terrifying haunted house exhibition ever created.

Poinsett Bridge, Greenville, South Carolina

Poinsett bridge was built on and Indian burial ground, and is reportedly the site of many strange encounters. Visitors have heard screams and report their vehicles not starting when they were ready to leave. One woman even reported having her hand touch and held by a mans rough fingers. A lovely place to visit during the day, but be warned if you are planning a visit after dark.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia

This insane asylum is well known for the horrific practices which took place there when it was still open. The asylum closed in 1994 due to public pressure based on reports of terrible hygiene and dangerous conditions. Patients were said to regularly commit murder and attack staff, some of whom died. The asylum is believed to be haunted by the tortured souls of deceased residents and staff.

Tours and ghost hunts are available at the asylum so that you can experience the terror for yourself.

Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

Opened in 1907 the Mizpah hotel sees its fair share of paranormal activity. The Red Lady who now even has a wine named after her is said to be the most active of the ghosts that roam the halls. A lady of the night, she perished at the hands of a patron who struck her down some stairs. Her ethereal presence can be felt, and she has been sighted by many visitors, but she is not the only permanent resident. The fourth floor is home to the ghosts of a young boy and girl who you can hear laughing and running in halls late at night.

The Shanghai Tunnels

The Old Portland Underground came to be known as the Shanghai Tunnels after a period where men were reportedly abducted to be sold to Asia bound slave ships. The tunnels connected the hotels and taverns to the waterfront, some of which had chutes directly into the tunnels. Patrons, who had had a few to many, would be drop down the chutes and carried to the wharf to be sold as slaves. They say that many men died in these tunnels and still haunt them to this day.

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