Best Haunted Tourist Spots In The USA

Everyone enjoys a nice beach, or perhaps an educational historical landmark. But sometimes it pays to go off the beaten path and search the darker corners of a country. The United States is home to some of the most reputedly haunted locations in the world, and as far as thrill seeking tourism goes, you couldn’t ask for a better list of options.

Take a look at the some extra spooky spots in the US that you can visit today.

Maple Hill Cemetery

The cemetery itself is spooky, but what really takes this location in Alabama to the next level is the playground. In 1985 a playground was established beside the cemetery, likely with the intention of giving children something to distract themselves with while funeral services were conducted.

But it seems as if the dead also need some entertainment. The playground has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted locations in the world, with reports of swings moving of their own accord, strange lights gliding down the slide, and more. Visit it at night and see if you have the guts to join the ghosts in their playtime.

Yuma Territorial Prison

Housing over 100 guests between 1876 and 1909, the Yuma State Prison has since been transformed into a national park. But, if you believe the reports, some of those guests still remain. Some swear that the air will suddenly plummet around cell 14, where an inmate took his own life. Others suggest that the chains in the solitary cells will clank mournfully. If it is or isn’t true is up to the tour groups to decide, so check it out for yourself.

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Turnbull Canyon

When it comes to terrifying locations, you don’t get much more sinister than Turnbull Canyon, California. Though in this case you won’t be creeping around a dark, gloomy venue. Instead you’ll be trekking through a canyon that is all but riddled with ghostly occurrences. From UFO sightings, to the supposed ghosts of a plane crash in the 50s, to the legendary teenagers that were ritualistically murdered.

There is, after all, a reason that the name Hutukngna was assigned by the natives. That translates to Place Of The Devil.

The Stanley Hotel

Yes, this is the shooting location for The Shining. The 1990s TV version, not the Jack Nicholson classic. Either way, Stephen King had the Stanley Hotel in mind when he wrote the book, which says a great deal about just how creepy this majestic Colorado ski resort can be.

There are all the usual stories about haunted rooms, but what really makes this a terrifying place to visit is that it often gets snowed in. If you happen to visit and a surprise blizzard hits, you may just find yourself helpless for weeks. Imagine being given no choice but to bunk down with a ghost, due to fear of being frozen.

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