Awesome American Oddities

America is a wonderful place to explore, and a road trip anywhere in the States is always a treat. Nut if you have a love for the wacky, the weird and the downright odd, you need to check out these oddities along the way.

The Farnham Colossi

The Land of Giants in Unger in West Virginia would make even the tallest NBA star feel a little small. Owned by Mr and Mrs Farnham, the Colossi features a huge range of massive statues that range from everything from Santa Claus to Muffler Man!

Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum

Barney Smith is a retired plumber, but he still loves toilets. You’ll find his museum in San Antonio in Texas, and you’ll get to see toilet seats in a whole new way. Barney turns the seats into artworks, and if you bring your own one along, he’ll customise it for you on the spot.

The Mystery Spot

If you love metal illusions then the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, in California is the place to go. This spot makes you feel like you’re leaning forward, and the closer you get to the centre of the cabin perched on a hill, the more you’ll feel off kilter. If you usually use your phone to wager at Bet365 NZ, you’ll want to use it for photos here instead.

Leila’s Hair Museum

The mane attraction in Independence, Missouri is the world’s first and only real hair museum. Here you’ll find over 2,000 jewellery items made from human hair during the Victorian era along with hundreds of wreaths and other oddities. You’ll also find hair from famous people, including Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

If you love your condiments then this is a must see. Located in Tennessee, the museum is run by a woman who loved the history behind the shakers and started collecting as many strange and unusual ones as she could find over 25 years ago Fast forward to today, and you can view nearly 20,000 different sets on display, with some dating back as far as the 1500’s.

The Paper House

In the 1920’s a mechanical engineer by the name of Elis F. Stenman started to build a summerhouse from nothing but newspaper, just for fun! Stenman actually succeeded in building an entire house out of paper, but he didn’t stop there. He also built furniture and even a piano, and its still there to this day!

Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum

In St. Charles County in Missouri you’ll come across the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail and Museum that includes exhibits that trace the entire history of Americas biggest explosives factory. Anyone with an interest in war, history and chemistry will love the Cold War-era uranium refinery and land that’s filled with mercury, TNT and a whole lot of other explosives.

UFO Watchtower

Even if you’re not a believer, the UFO Watchtower is a fascinating spot. There are 2 energy vortexes on the property, along with a gift shop and campground, and you can even get married there!

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