America’s Best Dessert Destinations

Land of the free, home of the brave and an absolute heaven for anyone who has a sweet tooth. We’re talking about America of course; the country where you’ll find desserts that will add a few inches to your hips just by looking at them!

Take a look at the following dessert options available across the US and then plan your road trip to include as many of them as possible.

Boston Cream Pie at Flour Bakery and Cake – Boston, Massachusetts

The home of Boston cream pie, you won’t find a better place to sample this local favourite than Flour Bakery and Cake. People come from all over the US to sample this pie and the menu is also chock full of other decadent delights that are sure to thrill everyone.

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar – St. Louis, Missouri

The name says it all really; if it’s made of chocolate you’ll find it at Baileys. Flourless chocolate nut tart, brownie bombes and other decadent treats are all on the menu, and they also cater to those who are gluten free too.

Ice Cream at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – New York City, New York

Lula’s is Big Apple institution and it stands out in a sea of vegan restaurants and other similar eateries thanks to its immense choice. You’ll find vegan desserts, gluten free ice cream, full cream ice cream and just about everything else you can imagine all in one here, and you can top your dessert off with a choice of organic sauces and syrups.

Fried Apple Hand Pie at The Varsity – Atlanta, Georgia

If you love McDonalds individual apple pies, brace yourself for something next level. The Varity has the gourmet version of these deep fried fruity wonders, and they don’t just do apple. You’ll find peach and blueberry on the menu too and these treats are handmade, as well as fitting in your hand!

S’mores Melt at Ms. Cheezius – Miami, Florida

Ms. Cheezius is a fast food cheese truck that also happens to have the best S’mores this side of the border. The S’mores melt tastes like the ones you’d have made around the campfire as a kid, but are even better as you can enjoy an adult beverage with them now too!

Bacon Maple Bar at Voodoo Donuts – Portland, Oregon

They may have franchised now like some of the teams you’ll find on eSports betting sites, but the original Voodoo Donut is the best. You’ll find donuts of every description here, but the signature bacon maple bar is the one you really need to sink your teeth into.

CottonHi Soft Serve – Los Angeles, California

Take your favourite dessert and then out cotton candy on it. Wait, what? YES! That’s exactly what CottonHi does, and it is absolutely delicious. It’s a double whammy dessert offering and as an added perk, the cotton candy is 100% organic. From soft serves with candy to brownies or pie, everything comes with an extra serving of the sweet stuff.

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