A Bucket List Of Mother Nature’s Mysteries

Back in the day, society frequently blamed the Gods for bizarre climate patterns and unusual phenomenon that we come across on our travels. However, now that we have the research and knowledge to thoroughly understand the complexities of Mother Nature, there are a few matters that remain some of nature’s best mysteries.

Singing Dunes

No, we are now not referencing a fictional character from a Disney movie, some dunes are known to sing in real life! This phenomenon is in at least 35 deserts worldwide. These dunes are thought to be humming, and scientists are still trying to discern how or why it happens. One of their suspicions is that the pace at which the grains of sand whistle through the air could result in the sounds.

Astral Jelly

Have you heard about the spherical blobs that fall from the sky? Recorded as far back as the 14th century, jelly has been known to fall from the sky. Unfortunately, no one is aware of what it is made of as it dissipates quickly.

Lightning Balls

We all know about the zigzag-like bolts of lightning that strike the earth; however, did you know that they can be round as well? This rare and unpredictable nature of this occurrence makes it hard for researchers to study. There are a couple of theories on this though, ranging from an explosion in the clouds to electrically charged meteorites.

Crooked Forest

In West Pomerania in Poland, there is a forest of about four hundred pines that have grown crooked. No one is aware of what caused it, but that they are thinking that it was planted in the 1930s and the reason for the curve would have had to have occurred when the plant had been 10 years old.

The Wow! Signal

In 1977, Jerry Ehman was once a volunteer for SETI, scanning radio waves from deep in outer space. He measured a signal spike that lasted seventy two seconds that seemed to have originated from the Sagittarius constellation. He labelled it “wow” and his motives are sound – if we ever desired to communicate with alien existence forms, this would be the sign to do so. Unfortunately, this sign has no longer been heard again.

Devil’s Kettle Falls

If you have been to follow the Brule River in Minnesota, you will know that the river suddenly drops 800 feet. This forms a waterfall that is split by a large rock. The one facet creates your run-of-the-mill waterfall while the other falls into a hole known as Devil’s Kettle. The water disappears into the hole, with no hint as to where it ends up.

There is a lot that we still do not understand about the world that we stay in – which makes it a thrilling place to live in. Discovering the unknown and unexplainable is an experience well worth having, don’t you think?

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