7 Things to Do When You Visit California

Also known as the Golden State, California is a wonderful opportunity to see and do many things.

California is a beautiful part of the US with diverse culture and stunning landscapes and is also home to Hollywood.

1. Redwood National Park

The Park is a huge area of woodland, rivers and a coastline where you can enjoy many outdoor activities.  Some of the oldest and tallest trees can be found in the Park along with a range of wildlife, which includes some rare and protected species.

If you are only able to spend a short amount of time in the park you can enjoy the Redwood trees and the beautiful scenery, but if you have more time, a hike is a great way to enjoy this Park.

2. Death Valley National Park

Located in Eastern California, Death Valley is in the Mojave Desert and is considered one of the hottest areas in the world.

Even though the conditions are severe it is one of the beautiful areas in California.  The best time to visit is during the morning when it is cooler and Dante’s View offers the best views of the valley especially on a clear day.

3. The Big Sur Coastline

The Big Sur spans 90 miles of the central coast of California, and is considered one of the most scenic routes in the world.

This route is well travelled and around 3 million travellers enjoy the sights each year, and spans from Carmel and goes to the Santa Lucia Mountains.

There are stop off points on the way such as Bixby Bridge, Point Sur Lighthouse and McWay Falls where you can enjoy the view, take some pics or catch up on your wagering at betting sites.

4. Lake Tahoe

One of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Tahoe is an enormous lake and is located along the Nevada and California border.

It is an excellent spot for winter and summer activities, in winter you can enjoy snowmobile driving and skiing and in summer you can sail, kayak or jet ski.

5. Golden Gate Bridge

A landmark that everyone recognises, the Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco and is one of the most photographed attractions in the world and is frequented by thousands of visitors each year.

Spanning over a mile of the San Francisco Bay tourists can enjoy the views by driving, cycling or walking, or you can take a guided tour.

6. The Yosemite National Park

This beautiful park is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and has stunning waterfalls, including three of the tallest in the world.

Hiking is a popular activity and is also enjoyed by rock climbers from all around the world.  Besides the beautiful scenery Yosemite has great restaurants and hotels.

7. San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is a non-profit zoo and has more than 3 700 animals and covers over 100 acres of San Diego parkland.

The zoo has tigers, monkeys, apes and elephants and many more and has won many awards for conservation programs and is an educational zoo.

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