Top 5 UFO Hotspots

Humans have been obsessed with the idea of aliens for hundreds of years, but it wouldn’t be until the 1950s in North America where that obsession became something more.

The first, big event that set the world off was Roswell, which was meant to be the site of a UFO that had crashed. For many, visiting the United States means seeing the cities, staying at the parks, or spending an afternoon at an amusement park; for others, it entails searching the skies for signs of extra-terrestrial life.

There are few countries that cater better for the UFO-lover than the United States, and over the years more and more hotspots have popped up that claim to be the site for some kind of alien activity.

The next time you’re driving through to a city or want to stop in at Vegas to enjoy real online pokies online NZ, maybe drop by one of these UFO destinations to discover if it’s all nonsense or if there’s some truth behind it all.

5. The Roswell UFO Museum

Roswell is where the modern UFO craze all started, and it should be a definite stop for anyone with a curiosity for the paranormal.

In Roswell, New Mexico, a curious museum is said to contain plenty of information regarding the Roswell incident, where there is all manner of different kinds of information, both on Roswell and UFOs in general.

The museum is like nothing else in the country, and warrants a visit at least once on your travels.

4. Area 51

The holy grail of conspiracy theories, Area 51, for a long time, was meant to be a secret government facility said to house evidence of aliens.

There is actually a military base at the location, and many have denied the conspiracies, instead saying that the base is only involved in jet and military tech development. Whatever the case, it is possible to take a guided tour through the area and hear all the stories.

3. UFO Watchtower

Locate in a small town called Hooper, in Colorado, visitors can find a small platform, often surrounded by campers and tourists, called UFO Watchtower.

This area has been a thriving source of UFO stories for years, and many come far and wide to camp near the watchtower, and spending the night sitting together at the top, keeping an eye out for any activity among the stars.

2. The Alien Graves of Aurora

At the end of the 1900s, a number of mysterious aircraft reportedly crashed not too far from the town of Aurora, located in Texas.

The townsfolk apparently found a few bodies strewn around the crash site, and decided to bury them in unmarked graves. These graves are still around, can be visited by anyone passing through the town.

1. The Green Men Festival

Kelly and Hopkinsville are the sites of an apparent alien attack, where small, green men broke into a farmer’s house in 1955, and caused all kind of havoc before vanishing.

While authorities could not find anything at the time, a tradition was created to celebrate the event, which is now the Little Green Men Festival, and is open to the public.

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