Search Engine Optimization

The constant struggle to generate qualified leads from search engines has forced many businesses to become proactive in implementing marketing strategies.

This trend has sprouted the growth of the search engine marketing industry.

The term search engine marketing encompasses strategies such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising campaigns, paid inclusion and direct feeds to search engines.

Let’s look a little more closely at search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

What is it?
Search engine optimization or SEO as it is often called, describes the process of making adjustments to a web page to try to enhance its ranking in the search engines.

There are numerous companies that now offer SEO services.

The process normally involves several components including researching the keywords that people use in search engines that describe your products and services; incorporating those special keywords into the visible and hidden parts of your web page; generating links from other web sites and monitoring the performance to see if your pages obtain top search engine rankings for your desired keywords.

Why is it used?
With millions of pages now on the internet, it is increasingly difficult to achieve high search engine rankings for the keywords relevant to your business.

Many companies are now taking special action to try to achieve better search engine ranking by adopting SEO techniques. Without using such techniques, some businesses find it difficult to attract sufficient numbers of qualified leads to their web site.

Should you use it?
SEO can achieve top search engine placements. If qualified visitors are obtained through top search engine placement it can result in significant increases in online sales and leads. Though, it is important to measure the results and your return on investment to determine whether the benefits from the increased traffic outweigh the SEO investment. JAZreturns advertising tracker software includes search engine optimization analysis which can show you which SEO keywords are producing your sales. Find out more about JAZreturns advertising conversion tracker here.

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